give credit where credit is due

give credit where credit is due
The older form with honour (principally in the sense ‘obeisance, homage’) is now rare. Cf. ROMANS xiii. 7 (Reims) Render therefore to all men their whom honour, honour.

1777 S. ADAMS Letter 29 Oct. in Collections of Massachusetts Hist. Society (1917) LXXII. 375 May Honor be given to whom Honor may be due.

1834 M. FLOY Diary 17 Jan. (1941) 50 Loudon must be a man of taste..and disposed to give all credit where any credit is due.

1894 Girl’s Own Paper 6 Jan. 228 The justice and magnanimity which would show ‘honour to whom honour is due’ not always found equal to the occasion when it involves the granting of a degree.

1968 M. WOODHOUSE Rock Baby xxii. You aren’t half as daft as I thought... Credit where credit’s due.

1976 T. SHARPE Wilt viii. ‘Some maniac...’ ‘Come now, give credit where credit is due,’ interrupted Dr. Board.

2002 Washington Post 1 Jan. C14 Express your gratitude. Give credit when it’s due—and even when it isn’t.

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